Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Good Trade

A few weeks ago I saw my sometime opponent, fellow blogger and friend Jose had a page of items he wanted to trade for miniatures he could use. He happened to be looking for Soviet infantry and I happened to have a nice batch of Soviet Infantry I wasn't using so I got in touch with him.   I also offered him the Soviet AT guns and HMGs I had.
Jose had some very nice Pumas and as I had been looking for some more Pumas I jumped on them
Jose uses an airbrush so these look quite different from anything I have in my collection which is good so they can be used with my other Pumas and no one will confuse them.
I might add some additional decals at some point.  Now I know some of you are thinking this doesn't seem like a very equal trade....
and you would have been right but Jose has a laser cutter and he made me quite a number of movement stands for Longstreet (or other games) that will fit as many as five 1" square bases  to a s few as two 1" Square bases.  I think both of us got

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