Friday, December 4, 2015

Genie In a Bottle

As Mike and I were playing our second game in a row we did a scenario to keep things interesting. We picked the Genie in a bottle as it didn't require a particular board set up. 
Here you can see the board it has few long sight lines.
Thinneth, Lucian and Drazenko advanced up the right side of the board and Thinneth used telekinesis to pull a token in to range (but I couldn't pick it up).
Caltha Harfoot moves up with my apprentices and grabs the first token and right off we get a Genie...
Milk's apprentice does his own telekinesis spell and grabs back the same toke I grabbed and pulls itb back but can't pick it up.
Mike's Marksman takes a shot at Lucian and hits him hard (a 10 health hit.
The Genie battles Caltha and my snow leopard we sin and dive him back.
Samo Harfoot take the book case token and Lucian scurries into the building looking for more cover.
My Knight has a magic sword now and moves up on the Genie
Mike Leaps his knight into the building and I move Samo up to stand side by side with Lucian...
Mike grabs a token and I get a wolf...
We engage the Genie and smack him hard! down to 4 health and engaged.
The wolf attacks Drazenko but is not match for the mighty barbarian...
Down goes the Genie
My new Ranger Rathgeir fires at mikes treasure hunter who is trying to sneak up on Calthar
Calthar uses a teleport potion to get away from the foe.
Mike has leaped or moved in more men and just manage to get Samo and Lucian out and while Thinneth and Drazenko step into the breach.
My apprentice tosses a grenade and hits the knight...
Thinneth hits the cluster of soldier with a grenade.
Mike takes down my apprentice with a well placed arrow... my ranger takes down the knight the same way.
In come the enemy soldier and Thinneth takes down first the Knight... (during the soldier phase)
and then the Tresur hunter
Lucian goes down to a long range elemental bolt... he almost made it. Samo drags his body off the board.
I got off the board with 3 regular tokens, the Genie's lamp and I killed the Genie, a very successful game for me. Better yet both my "dead" roll well on the survival table.  Mike played a good game and if I had made a mistake or he or I rolled a little differently he might have walked off with 4 tokens.

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