Friday, December 18, 2015

Battletech at the Relentless Dragon

 Traffic and a couple of holiday and wedding related errands got me to the Dragon a little late to find Austin walking people through the the first turn (a rare night of starting on time).
 I was quickly brought into the game with this fierce looking Mech
 the Hatchetman I'm not sure if an Axe is a proper weapon for a giant robot but...
My Job is to protect Frank and his missile launching Mech from...
Dave and his big gun Mech... Dave moves up the hill to take aim at Frank...
I was able to jump around behind Dave and let go with all three of my ranged weapons and blasted Dave through his back.
Even so Dave and Jay's team has two more Mechs and we are still in a fight.
The far mech by Dave has been sniping at Austin and done some damage.
Jay gets several good hits on me but I put an Auto canno and a lazer through his head and down goes the second enemy mech.
Frank launches multiple volleys of missiles and Austin uses his guns... they hit Dave's mech hard knocking him unconscious...
and down he falls giving us a clean sweep.  I played Battletech many years ago and this was a good reintroduction.  Its a fun and easy game for a Thursday night where we don't have a good Frostfrave crowed.

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