Friday, December 11, 2015

Battle of the Denmark Stait

Our next game from Thursday night was the battle of the Denmark Strait  a Clash famous for the sudden destruction of HMS Hood.  Here the in the open turn the Prince of Whales and Hood have both opened fire at extreme range both missing.
Bismark is luckier hitting Hood but failing to penetrate her armor.
Hood turns to close the range.
As has Prince Eugene, I am getting a few hits but not doing a lot of damage and I have concluded I need Prince Eugene to close to torpedo range if I can.
At last I land a hit on the Hood that does some real damage causing flooding.  The Price of Whales has its first mechanical failure.
Prince Eugene is just in torpedo range but John is alive to the danger....
and the gallant cruiser rolls over under a storm of shells from Hood and Prince of Wales
Prince of Wales has two more mechanical failures and all her main batteries are out of action.  Hood and Bismarck have been pounding each other...
Bismarck has both flooding and fire damage and DC crews are working frantically to control both.
HMS Hood takes a hit to the bridge as Bismark tries to open the range...
I stay out of torpedo range (Yes hood has torpedoes who knew)
But her guns do hit me hard and I am now listing... though I get one shell hole plunged as another shot lands home.
Both ships are in very bad shape and the last exchange of fire finally break the hoods back and her captain order her crew to abandon ship.  But Hood does not die alone...
I roll a 10 on the flooding damage control and even in the moment of victory the Bismark suddenly rolls over and sinks... Another British Victory.

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