Sunday, January 17, 2010

Turn two Moves and Counter moves.

Minister Carriere’s Marquee several generals stand around the table including Marshal de Saxe, Taskovicts, and Rock. They are gathered around the central table were a map of Western Europe.

de Saxe: I’m sorry to say that our victory was less complete than I had hoped it would be, still they lost more than 5000 more or less the entire Legion Britanique. Winter is coming on but would like to conduct a winter campaign see if we can take Westphalia this winter then we can take Hanover in the spring.

Taskovicts: Will we move to unite with General Broglie in Westphalia or perhaps they can take Hesse? Cut them off from their reinforcement’s central Germany?

Rock: I like it! No more Germans and the English have to fight their own battles and they don’t have the stomach for that, especially with an Army of Scottish rebels rising up in arms against them.

de Saxe: I can’t disagree with the Generals observations at least so far as theory goes but I think the English will still be able to get German volunteers as long as they have gold to spend and they have plenty of gold.

(Minister Carriere finishes his wine, a servant refills glass then checks the other guests refilling glasses as needed).

Carriere: Well you both have a point If the army of Hanover chooses to fight us; we will want Broglie’s men with us. His light Cavalry would have helped a great deal in pursuing them after the battle. I have my doubts about him being willing to fight short of Hanover.

de Saxe: You may be right… I do have enough men to defeat him if he stands… well Broglie would help our pursuit.

Rock: The plunder of Hesse will help the spring campaign and limit his support on the continent.

Taskovits: Our victories in Italy have filled the war chest and thanks to the King of Prussia the Austrians are in no position take them back!

Carriere: Well, the decision doesn’t have to be made tonight we’ll have a formal council of war tomorrow.

(Game details the Army of Lorraine has moved north into Berg while the Army Du Nord has won a defensive battle in the Austrian Netherlands at Charleroi. In Italy Montcalm has advanced into and taken the Duchy of Milan, which in keeping with its fine tradition surrendered without firing a shot. Meanwhile in Germany the Reich Army has moved from Bavaria to Austria just in time to defend Vienna from the Royal Army of Prussia. The Western army of Prussia has moved into Silesia, the main Austrian Army is still in Bohemia.)

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