Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First turn moves, counter moves... and unexpected devolopments

Focus on a letter.

Your lordship,
I am writing regarding the exiled Charles Edward rightful Prince of Wales etc., by the time you receive this His Highness will have sailed for Scotland on the evening tide in the privately fitted Frigate le Du Teillay. I know his departure is premature from your point of view, as an outline of your plan was conveyed to me by Gen. de Burre when he dispatched me to keep an eye on the Prince before his departure to Flanders. I have used the authority I have to gather a company of volunteers to accompany the Prince; with the aid of God and Fortune I hope they will be enough. Send additional forces soon we sail for Scotland and history!
Col. B. Mixter

Pan up to the face of Minister Carriere then back to reveal the Marquee ten that serves as his mobile headquarters. Two men including general de Burre and one teenage dispatch rider with long curly hair are standing around the table looking at the map all appear concerned.

Minister: DAMD HIM! (crumpling the letter between his hands) it’s too soon! The English army here in Europe is unengaged and free to move back to England! Our reinforcements aren’t ready to move in support of his rising!

(Teenage dispatch rider recoils fearing momentarily he’ll be struck as the bringer of bad news, the other men pretend not to notice this.)

Minister: Pardon the outburst gentlemen… in addition to our other bits of good news our dear Prince Charles has left for Scotland without trying to coordinate our efforts at all!

(One of the men a tall man with graying blond hair speaks up, he is dressed as French General)

Taskovics: It’s not all bad news, Fredrick has taken Silesia and his brothers army escaped Bohemia without significant damage.

De Burre: And at least Col. Mixter has gone with him he knows some of your plan and if I leave know I can be in Breast by the end of the week at the latest.

Minister: You’re right old Friend, you won’t have support I had wanted and we don’t have time to send them. Your picked unit is at Brest take an escort form FitzJames and ride hard!

(de Burre gets up bows and heads out of the tent.)

De Burre: On my way! (calling over his sholder)

Minister: I only wish Col. Mixter had taken his wife with him… she’s the one with stratigic sense in the family! (Taskovics cackles and the dispatch rider laughs briefly then looks guilty about it) Steven, we’ll need to alert Marshal De Saxe that his reinforcements will be less substantial than anticipated.

Taskovits: Very good, if I can ask what’s the new plan?

Minister: Saxe will hold in Flanders, Broglie will have to move north to join him. The Prussian are on their own for now except for whatever aid Montcalm can give them with his offensive in Italy. We have to send the prince what aid we can while shielding France.

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  1. Adam thank you for the rank. It is quite different for me having a rank rather than being rank.