Friday, January 15, 2010

Flanders Fields

A party of men horse back stand on the prometory of a large hill. Bellow we can see the gray-white uniforms of french infantry, the the red uniforms of the Swiss and Irish regiments Artilery is unlimbering near the men. I the far distance Men in Blue and Red Uniforms are marching on to the field.

As we move closer to the men they are Louise XV(dressed as shown above), Minister Carriere(dressed in a gray coat with black cuffs and silver lace) and Marshal de Saxe(dressed in the blue red and gold of a french general), and an escort of Musketeers from the Kings house hold a number of lesser generals and officers also stand near by.

de Saxe: The ground is favoriable and numbers favor us with Your Majesties permision I will begin the music and see how well this Englishman Dances.

Louise XV: Here my dear Marshal you comand please think of me as nothing more than another officer under your command. (de Saxe apears awed and gratified by the public show of confidence)

(Minister Carriere is silent at this statment, his face betrays nothing but inwardly he is torn between admiration and terror. Rather than say any thing he puts his spyglass away and checks the prime on his Pistols)

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