Friday, January 29, 2010

Turn 4 Moves and Counter moves

Turn 4.
Two French Armies (approximately 70,000 men) unite and advance into Hanover. Six Hanoverian Regiments (9000) and their artillery withdraw into fortifications in preparation for a formal siege. The remaindered of their army withdrew into Prussia at King Frederick‘s invitation. Marshal De Saxe begins to invest the fortress while his cavalry makes a relentless pursuit killing or capturing 2,500 (5 SP) men in the process.

Scottish forces prepare to face the long anticipated attack by English government forces. The entire English home army (36,000 men) has advanced into Scotland. The Scottish Army (20,000) grimly waits for the English to come within range of their broad swords. The English have a clear advantage in Cavalry and Artillery in addition to their significant advantage in men.
The War is grinding to its inevitable conclusion and its almost certain the Scots will be one of the biggest losers.

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