Friday, January 15, 2010

Battle at Charleroi

Turn 1
The French army formed up in the hills north of Charleroi. Marshal de Saxe had chosen the ground well, perhaps too well. General Chevrette’s Hanoverian marched on the field and form up in a strong position of their own. On the Left they anchor their forces on the river and the cross road village on their right at a small forest.

Marshal de Saxe seeing the Germans will not do him the favor of attacking he gives order for France to advance. On the right the 3rd Cavalry of General Fitz-James. In the center the General Taskovic's Swiss advance on the right with the Heavy artillery on their left and General l'Rock's 1st Division in the center of the field. Behind them the Grenadiers and French Guards men move forward ready to exploit any weakness in the line. To the left General Campbell's Celtic Division advances with the 3rd Division and the 2nd German Division deployed in Echelon behind. On the Far left the Elite 1st Cavalry move forward at the quick step.

Turn 2
General Chevrette pull out his wild card as the Legion Britanique (5,000 men) completes its flank march and appears on the French left. De Saxe is caught unprepared but quickly improvises ordering part of the right flank cavalry turn and ride to the left. Louis XV eager to gain fame dashed to the left as Generals Villroi and Triggs turn their division left to face the attack. There is no time for a stately wheel the unit’s wheel individually then oblique in to a ragged line. The 3rd Field battery unlimbers and fires but over shoots the target. The Gendarmes de Bourguignon Turn and charge the flank of the Von Mauw regiment of the legion.

Turn 3
The other 4 Regiment of the Legion move into range and exchange fire with the 3rd Division inflicting some casualties. A Hessian division move up and engages the Irish Division and 1st Cavalry. Under the watchful eye of their King the 3rd division surges forward Bourbouais lead by their gallant Sergeant-Major Lincoln, Bourgogne to their left and the Cambesis beyond them. Royaly-Duex-ponts and La Courone strike with the bayonet at the left most of the Legion Regiment Von Appleborn. The 3rd division will conquer but Von Appleborn throws back its attackers. The Irish continue to exchange fire with the Hessian's.

Turn 4
The Battered Legion Britanique rallies as best it can advance again to exchange fire. The Grenadiers of the Prince Karle Regiment charge the Flank of the Bourbonnais Fighting is fierce may French men die... but the Victory is bitter sweet for the Germans as grape shot for the 3rd field battery mows them down. Louis XV rallies the Bourbonnais we will surge forward Sergeant-Major Lincoln at their head and cries of Vive l'Roi on their lips. The 3rd Division and the Regiment Royal Estrangers destroy the Legion. The First Cavalry counter attacks destroying the 1st Netherland regiment.

Turn 5
General Chevrette his flank attack destroyed and overwhelming French forces advancing on his center the English commander order his men to with draw. Regiment Mansbach is ridden down by the first cavalry before they can escape but otherwise the Hanoverian and Hessian withdraw in good order.

Luke’s army lost 21 SP= 10,500 men. My army lost 12 SP= 6000 men. Luke will be able to recover half his lost SP while I will recover two-thirds of my losses.

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