Sunday, April 19, 2020

Solo Gaming: Black Seas Cat a Mouse

 I wanted to the secenario I tried with Frank the other night.  This time with Two French Privaterrs facing a US Frigate (USS Boston)
 Turn one the USS Bostion fires its bowcaser and cuts a few showeds form one of the French Brigs.
 The Fench Brig cuts across Boston doing minor damage.
 Its hit hard in turn by the Boston
 Boston cuts between the two ships and the second broadside does minor damage to the second Brig.
 The French Brig lad a critical hit on Boston and its mizzen falls into the Sea!
Boston Fires at long range doing little damage.
 The French brigs maurver to put the Boston between them.
 Fired at from two sided Boston is reduced to half its starting hull points
 Narroly avoidign a colision Boston lands a devistating raking broad side and the first French brig sinks.
Boston slowly turns and the two ships excange a final broadside.  Boston lands a critical hit and the second brig stikes its colors.

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