Monday, April 27, 2020

Isolation update #6

Its been a little while since may last update in part because the days sort of run into eachother.
Evelyn requested some "noculars" for exploring so I made her a pair.
 She was a great asistant cook making meatball stuffed cheesy garlic bread.  This will be a great dish to make for the next potluck I get invited too.
Evelyn likes to go and play the piano at in downtown infrom of Makon's a local resturant.
Walks and puddle splashing are alos a big higlight for our days. Evelyn likes to pick up trash on our walks .
 We did up a coulple of #Ayer Rocksfor our neighbor
Mrs Connolly has been very nice to Evelyn so we did these an art collaboration.
The other news is Evelyn got scary sick last Thursday. A fever that hit 105 at one point. The doctor checked her out Friday and ordered a covid test Saturday (it came back negative). We are still waiting on test results but she seems to be back to normal.