Monday, December 29, 2014

Rommel Vs. The Train an early war Free for all.

Early war was the theme of the day at the Whiz, and we had a great turn out.  Several guys are trying to get tournament ready and I'm happy to help.  Nick had his Russian Strelkovy with the Armored train list.  I ran my Mittler Panzer company from Hell-Fire and back at 1390 points I included Rommel since I didn't know what to do with the last 70 points. The Mission was free for all as you can see that a lot of Russians and the train hasn't com in yet.
Not a lot of Germans...
The right flank looks a little better but those are all light tanks...
Hear comes the train, those armored cars would come boiling off it petty quick and bailed out both the 8-Rads I had in the area.
My Pazner IVs got one train car.  Nick made an error that we fixed latter he should have deployed the infantry company on the train at this point, since he doesn't have a car for them to ride in.
The mass of armored cars have me concerned to I swing a light Panzer platoon over and make short work of the armored cars.
On the left my Panzer IVs are shooting up the Strelkovy its so much fun to shooting at conscripts,  I actually killed a few too.
On my right the other light Panzer platoon charges in after devastating MG fire pins the Russians.
With Five swings I get 2 kills... (need to kill them at a faster rate) Nick motivates and come back at me.
He puts a scare on several tanks but no one dies and I get 3 more when I successfully come back...
Nick comes at me one more time an bails a tank... I fail motivation to continue the assault losing a Panzer I.  I didn't do quite enough to force him to test. At this stage we would have timed out with a 2-1 loss in my favor (in normal people speak a draw but I am ahead on points)
We play on Nick gets some lucky shots bailing out two more of my tanks...
And successfully launches an assault from my platoons left flank.
The follow up assault is stopped cold when I get 6 of 6 with my Defensive fire.  My men fail their motivation but Nicks pass... and at this point we both have to pack up. I lost 1 platoon and Nick lost one (though he had another on the ropes.  The train is fun mowing down Russian infantry is fun, I think Nick enjoyed himself too.  I have to find another use for those 70 point because Rommel didn't help me much.

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