Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Challenge Entry: 15mm WWII Panzergrenadiers for Flames of War

One of last weeks entries for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. Be sure to check out the others.
So these guys are part of that self same set of miniatures I got from Battlefront as part of the Ranger program. In this case I did get enough men for a Panzergrendier or Grenadier company of two platoons. In fact I had enough officers to do the company commander and 2ic stands with and with out Panzerfausts which is handy when one gets in a pinch with points.

There are a total of 67 figures here (no I didn't make an error on the points I will explain.

The 2iC with Panzerfaust option... I like this aggressive take on the allies all by myself stance. 2iCs often get killed early in local games...

Same fellow but this time without the tank killing device.

While the sergeant directs traffic the private with the faust takes it easy...

OK the man in the centre is my Co with out panzerfaust option but I painted him a few weeks ago he matched up nicely but since he was painted before the Challenge he doesn't count.

I love this officer... clearly things have gone horribly wrong and he his cocking his pistol so he and couple of loyal troops can set everything right, or at least die in the attempt.

Every one but the officers is wearing smocks I tried to do a camo pattern.

Some times I think it worked out reasonably well in other cases it didn't.

I tried to add a little color to the derbies it blue window frame and green bottle do stand out.

The camo here is very clear... the men going Rambo with the MG42 fired from the hip are among my favorites.

Another good look at the camo also a great photo for highlighting every thing wrong with these bases (and the painter may be partly to blame).

These Cobble stone bases one the other hand are great I would buy set containing just these any day.

Battlefront didn't give me enough bases so I built some of my own... I tried to make them look similar to the rest of the company but...

you can only do so much with a plain base I did try using the left over hole filler pieces to add help them match and I think it worked OK.

Rear view shot I do like the cobble stone bases... wish the set had more of those.

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