Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Challenge Week 4 and Wrapping up 2014

Well my most recent post to the Challenge 3 Canadian Sherman tanks has gotten a lot of positive feed back.  I also got my Mount and Rider bonus Theme entry  entry in.  I am currently sitting in 14th place with 322 points (the bonus entry is not included).  I just about finished up a big Napoleonic unit with 24 figures and more Vikings are on the way.   My Mythic Bonus Theme entry is finished but cannot be posted until the end of January and I have my anti-hero Bonus Theme under production as well as some additional World War II vehicles.
The Next Bonus Theme is one that gave me issues.  Its Victorian a period of time that stretches form 1837 (or so) to 1901.  Now one could argue that the Victorian Era really only applies to the British Empire but I think it can be stretched a bit after all the British were setting many of the trends of fashion, industry and commerce here in the US so I think I shall take this opportunity to clear up some of lead that didn't get painted for Longstreet. I have a week an half... should me manageable.

I'm closing in on the half way point for my Goal and I am thinking of upping the goal a bit but New England winter could stall my painting at any time...

It was a very successful year for the blog this will be the 199th entry down from 254 in 2013 but still a large number posts.  I am a month or two away from 100,000 page views which is very respectable.

Gaming wise I got in a fair bit of Flames of War and played through an entire Longstreet campaign.
Luke excited using smoke effect in our Longstreet Game.
The Grand Duchy of D'Argent had a relatively peaceful year. I hope to see more from them in 2015.
With Thursday night gamin with John, or the New Hampshire War Gaming Alliance and Sundays at the Whiz, not to mention some involvement with the Boston Trained Band, Total Con and Huzzah I think I will be busy.
Personally it was a mixed year, I lost in quick succession my Aunt, my mother's best friend, and my Nana.  The last was after a long full life but the other two were far too soon.
My Nana Katherine Sullivan on her 98th Birthday the day I picked up her ring and about one month before she passed. You can tell she is pleased. 
I also got Ariana to agree to marry me an proposed using Nana's engagement ring (still in the original box with the date of her engagement written on the bottom, August 5th 1946 if you wan to know) mere weeks before the dear lady left us... My only regret were Nana is concerned is she never saw Ariana wearing her ring, she passed the day before we were coming to visit.  As regrets go its not to heavy regret to carry.
Before the Ring got sized.
As you know Ariana does not like pictures of her on the blog.

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