Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Challenge week three

So we are into the 3rd week of the challenge and it going well so far.  I have 243 point and the number #9 position in the standings and I still have points to be added when Curt finalizes the Cold Theme bonus round.
So I am still waiting to see how Santa Mouse was received in the voting.  I have have also posted US I&R platoon  and a German Panzergrenadier platoon. These haven't gotten quite as much praise as some of my earlier entries but mass painted WWII troops don't have that much "Sizzle" and the Battle Front Bases I used didn't help (I will rant more of that latter though its the artist not his tools who is truly to blame.  So I have my mount and rider bonus entry almost finished, its not as good as my Cold theme but I think it will still work nicely.  I have posted some WIP pictures in earlier posts but now they are so close to finished I feel posting them would violate the spirit of the competition.
At this stage I have a problem... that problem is the weather!  I haven't had a day dry enough to get figures primed!  so they are waiting... a Battalion of Napoleonic troops and six more Dark Age warriors.  I also have some Flames of War vehicles but until I can get some primer on them I am stalled... and we have rain predicted for the next two days!
Maybe not Chuck but it sure is slowing me down...

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