Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Great Re-Basing project of 2013 (2)

Up next my highland army for the 45.  They have only seen battle once and got hammered by Luke's Hanoverian British force (Though I did give him a nervous moment or two). These were mounted on 3x2 inch full scale Volley and bayonet but are now ready for Maurice or Blackpowder.
 With the new unit I recently painted I have 6 units of Highlanders ready to go (and one or two more units worth of Highland figures to re-base)
 This one will probably serve as irregulars two men per stand both shooting or ready to shoot.

Two units with Flags one a generic Scottish St. Andrews Cross the other bearing the crest of Fraser of Lovat.

 Two more units Scotish clans men with the Lockbar axes I could call these Pike troops in Maurice but I am not sure that's the best way to portray Highlanders but its an option.

When you paint tartan you should show it off so I will.

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