Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day weekend at the Whiz (2)

On Monday I met up with my friend Mark at the Whiz we more or less had the place to ourselves and set up this table for a "Pincer" mission battle. I "won" the roll and became the attacker on the near side of the table I had a Sturm Company with two infantry platoons, a heavy Sturm platoon with mortars, a Sturm AT platoon, infantry guns, a pair of Tiger Is a Sturm AA platoonand a battery of 3 10.5cm guns.
Mark was running 2nd ID with a specialy 2iC for his company! Inform Red Scull we have spotted Captain Rodgers. 
My plan was to use the Tigers and  AA Platoon to fix his on Board infantry platoon and try to sweep his flank with one or both of my infantry platoons. I had the AT guns following the Tigers to protect them as Mark's Shermans were hiding  someplace.
Mark's 155 Battery makes its presence felt killing one of my Tigers.
Nest turn Mark sprung his Tank ambush hitting my remaining Tiger but he did not kill it.
My little Infantry guns pin the mighty US Long Toms!
While my air support kills two Shermans and bails a third. The platoon breaks! on Mark's turn my AT guns make both saves against a repeat US Artillery bombardment.
My 1st infantry platoon sweeps through the woods and assaults the flank.
We win though but do not break the platoon and Captain Rogers makes two warrior saves to escape death, poor Bucky.
The objective is in our grasp but...
Here come marks Reserves. His infantry try to assault my AA guns but are driven back with defensive fire. My MGs and AA guns do a lot of killing.
I get hit my self but my men are holding well and with some lucky shots I kill some of his 155s (I killed 3 over the course of them game with MG fire a true statistical oddity)
My Tiger launches its first assault as my infantry consecrate on the fare objective(rather than face two HMGs). I kill several men but am driven back hear and in may tack on the US artillery.
The next turn I try again but lose my Tiger. This was probably reckless of m
Over the next few turns I bleed Mark's Artillery but it will not break, I do break on Infantry platoon but cannot finish the other.  The Chaffies make an appearance and stale mate my move on the back objective.  Marks other infantry is down to 3 Stands the Platoon leader, the bazooka and on HMG and the Captain is there too. They kill my AT guns and my AA guns With mark pushing forward I sneak infantry to the close objective a sneaky move Mark applauds.  I am trying to break his second infantry platoon but they just will not take another casualty no mater how much I shoot at them some times the hardest thing to do in Flames of War is kill one infantry stand.
its Turn 9 or 10 I hold the objective but Mark has Chaffies, I can threaten both objective its still any ones game but its now approaching 4 hours and we decide to end the madness calling this battle a draw.  This was a great way to spend the holiday Mark is one of the most enthusiastic and enjoyable opponents I know and we are always a good match for each other.  This was a truly epic game almost "stressful" at times in its intensity.  It was Great fun and a game I think both of us will on remember.

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