Friday, December 28, 2012

Rev War Photo dump and Sale

OK honestly I don't plan on using this blog to simply promote items I have for sale.  After the Ariana and I get the new apartment settled you'll be back to gaming stuff. For now here is another opportunity to buy some painted miniatures of mine. 3x2 inch stands are sold together. Any one who wants two or more such stands of British gets a free command stand as well (while supplies last).  Light troops  on 1x1 inch stands are sold together if pictured together. 2 French Stands (and a bunch of light troops) 8 British stands, and 6 stands of US troops and 3 light infantry stands. Any one interested let me know via a comment or an email to Adamc1776 at G  (you can figure it out or your a computer.)  Other wise these will go on EBay by Monday and once on EBay I will not be able to make arrangements among friends.

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