Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Sunday at the Whiz (for 2012)

Made my way to the Whiz for the first time in several weeks and got my Ranger kit from Rob.  I also saw some awesome new toys for the X-Wing game.
Yes that is the Millenium Falcon and there are also some pre-release  A-Wing fighters on the board.  Not sere were the empire is but they guys were having fun.

There was some of battle fronts new winter terrain on display as well...
This board would feature a battle of Mark's Indianhead Infantry against Typler's Kampfgroup Pieper force with 17 Panzer IVs!

My own battle was with Ben and his Hetzers against my Sturm Company list. We had the battle Counter attack and as Ben observed he didn't get a lot of space to set up but then again neither did I.
I had my 8.8s(2 of them) and my StuGs (3 of them) off board. My army had two Sturm platoons (MG Panzer Faust teams) a batter of 120cm Mortars, a batter of 3 10.5cm Artillery, and a platoon of 3 2cm Flack guns. I also had a pair of 7.5 cm AT guns in ambush.
Ben move up aggressively and manged to pin my AA Guns then use his Air to pin my artillery. I poped my ambush and killed 1 Hertzer and Bailed another out. Then to my amazement B Ben Charged!
 He moved his Hertzers in closes on my AT gun at the same time his infantry assaulted my Artillery pieces.
 I killed two Hertzers and got three hits with my 10.5 CM, ad managed to get two more hits from the staff team and the one AA gun. I got very lucky especially on the infantry assault.
 My AT Guns caused Ben great pain the next shooting step killing 3 more and bailing a 4th. That Hertzer remounted and Ben took out my AT guns and move the hertzers forward but had terrible luck getting three bogs. 
 My men advance though the woods to assault Ben had only a single Vehicle MG and didn't get any kills. I took his platoon easily. Ben called the game at this point and we had a discussion about tactics.  I suggested he would have ignored my AT guns and driven around the woods to the right or left. Ben likened his thinking about Hertzers to T-34s with out turrets and he did us them that way... I suspect the lesson has been learned an he will do better next time.
 Mat, Paul and Rob looking over another German vs. German game, guess I have to start packing the Americans and Free French again. 

The Snow game as still in action when I left but looked like the Americans were headed to victory. Though Mark lost his Company commander again so Tyler may have pulled it out.

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