Friday, May 20, 2022

Huzzah 2022

 Last Weekend was the first convention I have attended(in Person) in two years.   I ran two games based on the 1795 Biscayne campaign Cornwallis's Retreat and  the Battle of the Groix 

"Cornwallis" lost two ships but took down two French Ships and damaged several others before making his escape.  

The Battle of Groix had the French Fleet hold together but the English where much more aggressive the end result was a historical result three French ships lost.  The French took out two English Frigates that got too aggressive but in the calculus of war two frigates for three ships of the line is a good trade. Both games played well thought the second one needs some additional work. 

The next day I got t play the Roll of General Scott at the Battle of Chippewa 
The English where Driven form the field though a Americans suffered serious casualties. 
Then a game of the Battle of Teugen/Hausen in 6mm its a good game the set of rules are forth coming (Soldiers of the Empire I believe) 

Then the a game of Medival Patrol Aztecs vs Spanards on lake Titicaca  

Sunday I finally got to Play civilizations of the Inner Sea and I really enjoyed the game and not just because the my Egyptians won. 
Huzzah was great fun I'm already looking forward to next year. 

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  1. Beautiful and spectacular games, love the unusual "Patrol Aztecs vs Spanards"...Thanks for sharing!