Friday, December 13, 2019

Chanlenge X

The 10th challenge is going to start if only a few days (on 12/21) this year we have a spiffy map with a big X in the middle of it. I've got several project including two naval project (two of them acutely) that I am excited to get working on.  Painting time will be tight and my 750 point target will be hard to manage but with more than 500 bonus points available on the map I should be able to do it.  Mind you I have no clue what to do with some of these (War Hammer 30k not my game and I don't even know what fits with it). Check out all the spiffy destinations here:

I'm going to be painting up some Black Seas Ships.  I plan to focus on the Quasi War painting up US and French ships.  I have been thinking about doing French ships from the American War of Independence but maybe I'll just try to figure out a way to swap flags.
 I got a couple of extra Brigs and I have used them to make a couple of alternative builds with guidance form Guy Bowers over at Karwansaray
A sloop of war and a schooner made from cutting a and recombining two Brigs.
I've also felt I might need a few merchant vessals to work with my World War II ships so I have been doing some simple Ship like objects.  I'm pleased with the prototyp above
I've got some more Dark Age troops to paint up "civilians" for a game I want to run. I have been scratch building some terrain and I'm pulling out a bunch of dead lead 15mm figures to paint up. Some ACW, Some 18th century and maybe I'll finaly paint some of the those World War I guys.

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