Monday, December 16, 2019

Ayer Con 2

 This weekend I ran a game of Frostgrave at AyerCon 2.  This is a gaming event hosted by a local Cub Scout Pack 32.  As an Eagle Scout I'm always on the look out for chances to give back to Scouting getting to run game was a bonus.  My players were quite young and so it was a challenge to keep them focused at times but they caught on to the spirit of the game very quickly even if mechanics were a little harder to grasp.
 Still we all had a good time as you can see two of the war bands well engaged with the Lich Lord and several of his Frost Knights.  I'm going to simplify the game a little more for Ayer Con 3 or 4 (if I can't make 3) and maybe see about getting some other GMs to come along.
 My Elsa figure painted a few years ago got used in a D&D grand battle where she played the roll of the big bad (with Let it Go playing in the background)


  1. Thanks for coming Adam and I hope you can make it to our next one! The kids had a really good time, thanks for your patience with them. Your Elsa was very well painted, btw.

    1. Thank you Kevin its always nice to have your efforts complimented. Happy to help to run something for the next event (schedual permitting).