Thursday, July 7, 2022



I picked these up at Huzzah from Tim of Trilaterum Miniatures  I don't have a specific plan for these right now but I've always liked the idea of space warfare since watching it in Star Blazers as a kid and these ships remind me of the Earth Defense Force Ships from the second season. 
These 4 ships should be just enough for me to play around with some ideas kicking around in my head.  


  1. Nice-looking ships!

    Fistful of Lead - Starfighters, or A Billion Suns, maybe?

  2. Very nice Adam! I have been marathoning the newly mastered HD Babylon 5 seasons on HBO Max. I found all of the ship stl files for free on, so I have been printing them. The Babylon 5 station is 8 kilometers long so printed at 20cm that would make capital ships 5-6cm and cruiser/destroyers 4cm.