Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Black Seas: HMS Royal Sovereign

 My Royal Navy fleet for Black Seas has been lacking a Flag Ship.  I have the HMS Tonnant and as an 80 gun ship of the line she can fill that roll but she just isn't capable of taking on something like l'Orient well Evelyn and Ariana took care of that on Father's day when they got me HMS Royal Sovereign.  It took me a while to get her finished but at last she is ready. 

The Royal Sovereign was laid down in January 1774 but wasn't completed until September of 1786.  This seems odd as the Royal Navy spent this period needing every ship it could find to counter the French, Spanish and Dutch fleets During the American Revolution.   I have been unable to fined any reason for this slow construction (by comparison Victory was completed in six years) 
A little more gold might be in order on here stern but over all I am please with how she came out. 
Her Hundred Gun broadside is ready for action.  Royal Sovereign  took part in the 1st of June as well as her celebrated role in the Battle of Trafalgar.  I have painted her in a fashion typical of ships of her typical of type at the time of the 1st of June. 
Her Figurehead is an English king presumably King George III.  My Royal Navy ships of the line now have a hard hitting 1st rate to lead them against the French.