Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Raid on Poljovac, 1869


My Balkan light infantry ambush the Austrians.
A second unit appears then charges and drives off the Austrians who rally 
My 5th tribal unit drives off the 3rd who later rally (noticing a patter) 
Artillery disorders my 7th unit. 
The massive Austrian force keeps advancing on Paljovac
Finally they make a move over the hills! 
Pressure builds on the flank
Counter Charge! 
Kill the Cavalry! 
Austrian 2nd battalion advances 
Fatigued units struggle to advance or hold their positions. 
Charge! the tribesmen fall back... and our counter charges fails to shake the attackers.
But the Austrian 2nd then fades away in exhaustion pushed past what they can take. 
Jager's move into the village tribesmen swarm them and drive them off! 
Charge the guns!
The Austrians capture the town again but are unable to hold the position... The Austrians attack has run out of steam. 


  1. A real to- and fro- encounter. I assume you called it an against-the-odds win for the locals?!
    Regards, James

    1. Well most of the men are dead, the town is wrecked but the Austrians went away so I guess its a win LOL