Thursday, March 26, 2020

Isolation Update 1

Well I've been working as a fulltime remote employee since March 16th the last time I went out socially was March 13th. Evelyn's last day of school was March 20th Ariana's job (administrator with a Emerson Hospital’s physical therapy department) is in a weird place that isn’t exactly a lay-off but can’t really be called a reduced schedule (she worked 4 hours this week). I’ll be working until April 3rd then in a temporary layoff for 62 days (fingers crossed).
Having wrapped up the Analog Hobbies Winter challenge I’m joining the Analog Hobbies Quarantine Challenge. I believe there are still openings if you are interested.
I'm told that if you work long enough all the new highers look like this.
Evelyn is doing OK. She keeps asking to go to her favorite places (library, playground and discovery museum) and see her favorite people but so far, she is ok when we tell her she cannot. She has had a few times where she starts to cry and tells us she’s scared. Last night she said: “I’m scared, and I don’t know why”. Its hard to say how much she understands. Once when we told her we couldn’t visit Grampy she said “because everyone is sick” which is close to the situation we are trying to avoid if not the situation we are actual in. That said she is happy to have mon and dad around all day.
I had Evelyn help me with cooking the other night it went pretty well and it gave Mom a break.
We also got our fist decent snowfall on day where we could make us of it and built a snowman
We are getting out for "adventures" every day the weather allows making the best of a bad situation. So far we are OK and our family and friends are all OK. I'll try to post at least one update a week.

Take care of yourself.


  1. I've spent 3 days clearning my painting shed up. Mainly getting ride of all my wife's crap to be honest. Painting will resume in the shed for the first time in 5 years soon!

  2. Stay safe Adam. I am in the same boat work wise. I am on a temporary furlough through May 2. No pay but I have my job back at the end of that time.

    1. You too June 8th I believe is my projected return date.