Friday, May 4, 2018

Sunday Saga

Two weeks ago (or there abouts I think it was 4/15)  My friend Mark cam to my house to take part it the first war game to be hosted there since it was purchased. We got in two games with a few interruptions form Evelyn (who was napping most to the time).
In the first game Normans face Irish and the fighting opend up fast a furious.  Mark trading two hearth guard for my champion
Sons of Dana and javelins got still more Mounted Normans
It was a close run thing but my Warlord taking advantage of cover was able to survive and launch a counter attack that routed mark form the field.
In the Second Game Mark was more comfortable with is list (this was his first game of Saga 2 and his first game of Saga in years)  I played my Norse Gaels for the first time.  They've changed a lot and I had to do some adjusting.
Charging straight into bows and cross bows was not a great idea though I just about broke even in the end.
Next time the slaves don't get the hard cover.
Interestingly they did pretty good when thrown at the cavalry (Howling axes and combat pool will boost even Levys into something that can hurt).
It came down to warlord against warlord I survived but barely.
Mark took may warlord with a follow up charge from his Hearthguard.  I almost managed force a draw but Mark road me down in the end. A fun Sunday afternoon of game.

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