Friday, May 20, 2016

Huzzah 2016: Battle of Mont Saint Jean 1794, Carnage and Glory

After Cleaning up the Hanguied Princess table I was off to play my first Historical game of the day.  Peter Lowitt (standing in the gray shirt) and a Carnage and Glory game set, I've like CArnage and Glory since trying it at Huzzah for the frist time in 2012 and this game set in 1794 seemed quite interesting.
The fight involves a mixed force of Dutch, Austians and French Emigries against an army of French Revolutionaries.  Adding to the interest the battle ground is better know as Waterloo.
This building is the famed Hougoumnt defended by a legion of French Embigries.
My own caommand is the Dutch holding the ground of to the left of the Brussels road and La Haye Sainte.
And the French... the seemed to streach from Horizon to Horizon and more are coming up behind them...
The French Emigries started the ball with a devistating volley that threw a squdon of French light cavalry into confusinon
The lighter ground is hills and the darker grean represent vallies/reveans.
I move my men up on to the hill
I'm not sure what the French are up to but there are a lot of them!
The French Emigries now lauch the first of a sieries of cavalry charges that throw the French left into confusion
On the Right Center the Austrian and Dutch division advances Dutch/Austian Cavalry join the Emigreies.
I send part f my cavarly to the left as much of the French cavalry is heading that way.
More Allied cavalry strikes the French on thier left and Lt Cavalry tubles to the rear.
My artilry hits a French cavalry unit that injudicioulsy climbed onto the top of the hill
The attack of the Allied cavary is losing stream but the French left is in utter confussion.
Now the French right and Allied left begin probbing... two French cavalry followed up a devistating Artilry strike... Blasting through a unit of Dutch Grenadiers
One of our Cavarly units does the same to a French Cavalry unit.
Peter consult the computer for results
The Allies on the right double down with more cavalry charges
French Cavalry folow up, on unit hits the badly damaged grenadiers the other hits undamaged infnatry.  The French unit on the left broke through the one to the right was routed it self.
Our own cavalry on the left chagres home...
and send one of this counter parts tumbling back.
I move up Dutch Heavy cafalry to plug the hole
Charge meets counter charge
and more allied cavalry pushes forward on the right.
The French start menicing our center, Artilry strikes the Rench in Column
The efferots on the right are hitting a wall of too much French infantry... The have weathered the strom and are now striking back.
Dutch heavy cavalry win honors and drife off the french cavarly...
The last good charge of the Allied right goes in... it sends one French infantry battalion running but the others stan.
Our cavalry form the left moves forward down the valley to the center.
The Fench cavalry on the left counter attacks.
We launch a mulity pronged attack on the center with infantry and cavlry hopping to stave in the cener column before it can shake out.
Our attack in the center is our best hope... the attack on the right has lost it seam..
and we are under attack no the left
The light infanty runs but froms a shacky square.
Unfortunaly we lose two melee we all felt we should have won... the French infantry beats back our grenadiers and the French light infantry somehow stands off our Cavalry.  We end the battle with the French holding a 4% advantage in moral... but our right is in rough shape so are the French but they have the numbers to recover and regroup.  We've stopped all attacks on the left so far but the French mass in the center having survived our best shot will bring its inevitable wieght in on us.  I think we would make a good fight of it but the French are winning but they know they were in a fight.

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