Friday, January 23, 2015

Teaching game of Flames of War

As several members of the New Hampshire War Gaming Alliance are interested getting into Flames of War I ran a 1000 point game with the 2nd Panzers on one side and the 99th Infantry on the other.  Austin and Dave wanted to work together Austin has a lot of Flames experience but most of it is from way back in Version 1! Dave is a new player.  They took the Germans so I took the 99th We rolled a mission and got Encounter. Sorry I don't have my usual number of pictures as I was distracted by talking through the rules or explaining game mechanics. 
Both side advance cautiously the German half tracks got a bunch of lucky shots on the US infantry platoon bringing it to a halt. The German infantry took some hits in turn form the US Cavalry recon troops. Then I got my armor and anther infantry platoon and make and advance on the left.
The Germans go their own armor just in time to counter my advance.
Shooting was about even on both side though I did get several kills on the Infantry platoon in the woods. German 2cm and MG fire took a heavy toll on my troops as well.
I launched an assault that killed two Germans but lost a tank in return and then failed my motivation to keep the fight going. Normally I would not have launched such an assault but I did it so we could practice an assault.  At this point the game ended in a draw though the Germans had killed one platoon to my none giving them a slight edge.  Every one had fun Dave wants to try running US infantry next time(though he wants 1st ID) so we will probably try something along those lines in a couple of weeks.

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