Thursday, January 22, 2015

28mm Napoleonic French Infantry

After doing the Guard D'Argent earlier I decided I would finish up the French I got form John.  I believe  these are all Perry figures. While very nice figures they have reminded me why I don't like 28mm scale for full size units in the Napoleonic period.  Its just too much fiddly detail no one will see on the table but every one will pick up on in the grab a model.  Love this scale for skirmish games and Dark Ages but I find it frustrating to paint for this period. Any way I won't be stumbling on them each time I go into the dead lead box so that feels good.

So I present to you what I intend to be the final two units of Napoleonic French I plan on doing in this scale. Note I had no Porte Drapeua figures so I had to modify two musketeers to carry the Eagles and colors.

I must confess I cheated a bit using army painters Ultramarine Blue primmer to prep the figures.
Thanks to this I only had to deal with picking out the details and the part of the uniform that are not dark blue
I varied the trouser colors, brown, gray (I was going for untreated linen) and off-white

 I also had two men firing who will join small cloud of skirmish troops.

All in all I have one unit with 15 figures, one unit with 14 figures and 2 skirmishers.  Since I was using up what was left I wound up with some odd numbers in the unit but all and all that is 31 figures all 28mm.  

Theses will make nice addition to the French force for Waterloo at Huzzah.

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