Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Greeks and Senegalese

While reading the book "Free France's Lion" a life of General LeClerc I discovered that once he hand his men joined with the 8th Army they had an SAS force attached to them. This SAS force was not british but Greek with the historic name the Scared Squadron.  They were some times also know as the Sacred Band for the an elite force of 300 troops (or 150 pairs of lovers how ever you prefer to count)  from the City of Thebes in Greece who died to a man fighting Philip of Macedon.  I will not speculate on relationships with in the SAS Scared Squadron but they did have Pink Jeeps so who knows. Why would any one paint a Jeep Pink you ask? Well the idea was that the coloring would conceal you in the sun rise and sun set in the North African Desert.  If this is true or not I do not know but since I had two SAS jeeps I decided I should paint them up and use the Scared Squadron as my model because of their association with the Free French.

LeClerc managed to get some captured Italian Mountain guns delivered to him in Chad from Ethiopia.  These guns saw service with the French, German and Italian armies in World War II. These guns are magnetized to the base so I can also use them with my German Mountain infantry when I get around to painting those.

I have also finished two new platoons of Senegalese du Chad troops and I am very pleased with the results. I speed painted these using can on Army painter British armor(sand) and I think they look as good as the guys I hand painted the uniforms on. Details were then picked out, and a wash applied.  I used pieces of cork board covered with send to make some crusty rock/dried mud formations. Then covered them with a sprinkling of sand.

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