Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Domination Total War at Adler hoby

A small crowed gathered for a 4500 point a side total war battle using the "Domination I-95" rules. On the left we an army consisting of two Italian Infantry battalions and German Panzer company. On the right the Allied army (form top to bottom) Indian Infantry, Free Polish and Free French (Legion).

 Gordon and Chris' brother Rich played for the Axis while the Allies were Chris, Jerry and myself.
This was a big game Just setting it up took about an hour and darn was it cool to have just about ALL my trucks appearing on a game board for the first time. 

Indian and Polish force on the move
French troops advance
Domination is an odd game set up since objectives are worth a certain number of points each an the first side to start their turn with ten points wins (correct me here Gordon if I am wrong).
Yes I can Roll a six for air intercept who said I could not!

The first two turn were mostly maneuver as bot sided tried to get in positions. German air was kept back by my air intercept.  Gordon and Rich managed some to pin several units (mostly French for some reason) and Rich managed Some particularly devastating bombardments including one that Killed half of a platoon of Foreign Legion Sappers (I know these guys got special privileges because they were expected to die but this is getting silly)

The High light of the game from the allied point of view was the attacks launched by our Bren carrier recon platoons These wiped out the Italian Coastal artillery and half a batter of Italian 105s. The game had to end at 9:00 pm (turn 3) at which time we were probably at least two turn from a clear resolution.  Over all a fun game, Gordon realized after that we should had a bit more set up space that would probably have had us shooting at each other at least a turn earlier.

The Italians run up the Guns

Australian Bren Carriers Strike!

And are killed by Vengeful Italian Infantry

If French troops are going to die a Vineyard is a good a place as any

Italian Infantry horde they think they are safe but French mortars will find them.

Burning German Armor but too little of it!

More Australian action behind Axis lines

Take Cover!

French Armor leads with its Chin again!

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