Monday, January 9, 2012

Black Powder January 2012

Sunday I headed up to Hollis NH to play a Black Powder battle from the 1813 campaign of the Napoleonic wars. The game was run presented and GMed by Richard Claydon of Boston Trained Band.

I was with the French/Wurttemburge army defending the city of Wartemberg. I commanded the light Cavalry in the Center AJ had the French infantry on my left and Chris command the Wurttemburge Infantry to my right.

AJ did an admirable job first holding the river line and then breaking the Prussian infantry assaulting Wartemberg. He aggressively hit Prussian Columns that were still in March and generally made life miserable for this opponent (who's name I sadly cannot remember).

Chris got chewed up badly on the right but one gallant battalion held in side the village for the entire game fighting Gordon's seemingly unlimited Prussiands. At this stage AJ, Chris and I realy thought things were over... Chris's last battalion really won the battle by just holding on until Gordon's troops broke.

The first 5 turn of the battle were slow for me (not boring just slow) With no troops moving on the center I was waiting for something to break. Chris's troubles had me send one cavalry regiment to the right were they made several slashing attacks hurting Gordon's Prussians. Gordon did send one Leib Regiment into he center but AJ and I crushed it between my unengaged Cavalry and his infantry.

Honestly I thought I was making the quick charge to provide enough time for the Army to pull back but the Prussians were at last cut up tot he point that they could not advance further so the French and their allies lived to fight another day.

Thanks Rich for letting us all play with your Lead and for running a great game.


  1. Gordon has two O's.....; )your spelling it with a New England accent...LOL

  2. Fixed now Gordon! This is what I get for listening to my spell check!