Monday, December 5, 2011

Black Powder Sunday

Sunday we gathered at Adler hobby for a game of Black powder. Don and Gordon played the Prussian who were trying to get their supply convoy off board while AJ and another fellow (I am very sorry I forgot your name) commanded the raiding Austrian force.

The First battle went the Austrians way they moved up quickly on the first turn while the Prussians only got their free moves for being column.

One unit of Austrian Grenzers charged the wagon train while the rest of the Austrian light infantry and Hussars pined down the Prussian troops. When the Prussian Hussars were broken by the Austrian Grenzers and the Prussian Re-enforcements failed to appear three turns in a row the Prussian fate was sealed.

We had enough time so we reset and tried it again. This time the Prussians had better luck with command dice and Austrians had poorer luck (AJ was unable to move any thing for one turn a huge problem for his side).

The Austrians did manage to get two of for transports before the Prussian Dragoons arrived after that Austrian fortunes to a considerable turn for the worse.

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