Saturday, September 9, 2023

The Leeward Line Trafalgar at New England Gaming Flea Market

The Leeward line Trafalgar I have the Royal Navy and Bob Rioux has the allied fleet . 

The French Frougeux opened the ball firing on the RN flagship

With the rang closing Santa Ana added her fire scoring it's first (of many critical hits) slowly Royal Sovereign and disordering the RNs formation. Royal Sovereign raked Pluton in return.

The second English squadron led by HMS Tonnant cuts the line and rakes the stern of Pluton..

Blowing her out of the water and battering p with it's other broadside.

Royal Sovereign is Raked and loses a mast. Santa Ana unleashed a point blank broadside into HMS Bellies her return board seems paltry by comparison.

Foruguex is sunk by HMS Mars two French down with two to go but Royal Sovereign, Belleisle and Tonnant are all badly damaged.

Tonnant and Belerophon hit Algesiras setting her ablaze and killing numerous crew.

Then Royal Sovereign sinks as does Algesiras... but then both Belleisle and Tonnant strike. Bon had a lot of good criticals getting a Mast critical twice on Royal Sovereign and knocking masts off two other ships.