Thursday, May 25, 2023

State of the Fleets

Over the weekend at Huzzah several people asked me how many ships I had at this point and I decided that I should probably do an inventory because honestly I wasn't sure. Well I still don't know for sure(haven't counted the small stuff) but I can speak to the major fleets British, Spanish and French. 
The Royal Navy 1 Ship Sloop, 12 Frigates, 1 4th Rate, 3 small 3rd Rates, 11 large 3rd Rates, 4 2nd Rates, and 2 1st Rates. There are also quite a few Brigs, cutters and Indiamen not pictured here.
The Spanish Armada 1 Schooner, 1 Brig, 2 Frigates, 2 Small 3rd rates, 4 Large 3rd rates (2 more in the Painting queue) and 3 1st Rates including the Princessa Evelyn which with it s purple paint scheme may or may not see the table (but I do have one more spanish 1st rate in the painting queue)
The French 3 Brigs, 1 Corvette/Sloop, 6 Frigates, 14 Large 3rd rates, 2 1st rates. 

Over the weekend I had 35 ships of the Line battling each other about as big a fight as I want to run without a co-gamemaster.  If someone wants to run Trafalgar or First of June or some other mad project let me know and we can see how much we need to add to the Order of Battle . 


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