Wednesday, February 1, 2023

The Battle of the Schwarzenbach, 1622

This was an home brew game I ran the "Imperial troops" agaist Bill and Kelly running the Protistant leage. My ceenter consists of two Spanish Tercios and a battery. 
On the left my light troops mix it up with Bill's light troops Coats and dragoosn clash in the woods I get the better of it. 
The Tercio on the right advances while the one to the left (not shown) is repeatedly hit by every gun the Protistant league can bring to bear.  On the right the cavalry are in a staring contest. 
Having securred the first copps of trees we continue chasing the Protistant light troops driving backs some and destroying other units. 
Then heavy armored swords men from my reserves join the fight cutting down light troops.  
My guns break two of the Duch battalions while my right Tercio crashes into another... the fighting is not decisive ther but I am grinding forward.  The left Tercio takes fire from everyone who has a gun in range. Some how they hold togethers and gives me the victory as my light troops win on the left and may guns smash the center.  The cavalry on the right is a draw.  The Protestanst Legue is forced to withdraw. 

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