Friday, July 22, 2016

Battle of Albuera (2) GB& the Chain of Command (Play Test Version 2.6)

John and I again met at Hobby Bunker once again the battle was Albuera with me taking the French... 
and John taking the Anglo Spanish forces. We also had a new version of the rules to try out with major changes to the command & control aspects(which I dislike in the main thought that could be unfamiliarity) and Movement (which I liked in the main, but need a couple of tweaks) 
All troops now get full movement, and you can you get extra movement when doing a "guiding battalion movement."
This makes it reasonable to maneuver though woods, which were all but impassible before.
John opened the game with artillery and a very cheeky move by his cavalry threatening my advance
I form square this was a mistake my men fought off the cavalry with some good shooting but by the time that was accomplished the enemy infantry had moved up and I couldn't get out of square with the new movement rules (you need to sacrifice 1d6 of your movement to change formation but a square within 12" of the enemy has 0d6 movement)
My fist charge came up short and artillery hit on cavalry hard. Another unit was driven back after cutting up a Spanish square (though the melee was draw)
the next turn John drove off another cavalry charge (partly thanks to an interupt) worse the retreat broke a second force of cavalry. 
John Charge my unit on the edge of the woods using a Huzzah! special activation.. and breaks the unit with fire followed by a bloody bayonet charge. 
A second charge is a bit better for me a draw
Resulting in a fire fight. 
With John's cavalry in retreat I move up two battalions sutck in square are bypassed but I'm not gettig good command dice limiting my options...
I lost a Colonel and another infantry battalion only lucky dice keeps my moral form crumbing (it should be crumbling).  I do manage a counter attack of my own.. 
Breaking one of Johns units...
He brings up more men and another charge drives them back but its too little too late. John won a resounding British victory having blunted my attack.  My moral is still in good shape but that's only because of luck.

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