Monday, October 26, 2015

Scatter Terrain and Work in Progress

Another Scratch built terrain project for Frostgrave, some scatter terrain for difficult going and to help break up lines of sight.
I tried to mix things up, aquarium stones, scraps of wood, cork board, and some Lemax plastic brick mat.
The Statue head is actually removed from the Female Paladin figure by Reaper, it didn't fit with what I wanted to do with the figure but was too cool not to use.
the second piece use many of the same pieces, that little strip needs some snow or something...
Snow and rocks make even this old road slow going for most of those making their way through Frostgrave.
I've started on a museum or old temple I'm making it in two halves like the one above I may I may do a roof or second level for it as well.
This is one of three hills with ruins give to me by Sleepy Hollow Mike  I've removed the greenery from them and will be adding some snow.

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