Wednesday, November 20, 2013

1st Game of Longstreet

Ted Dave and I decided to give Longstreet a try last night.  We did the the Hilltop battle. While we were not doing the grand campaign we used those starting armies as a basis for our force. Ted (army and hands above) had 3 Eager Recruits (ER) Union infantry and one cavalry (ER) and the starting artillery (two 6 pounders and a howitzer) .
Dave (forces above) had 3 ER infantry of 10 stands and a smaller unit of Zouaves replacing his cavalry. To keep from being too out numbered I had 5 Infantry units all ER and One unit of cavalry.  I was the defender but chose to play aggressively because this seemed appropriate (we did not use any Biography cards)
Seeing a significant gap between the Union Brigades I send my cavalry forward and moved up the 18th Alabama to support them. My plan was to hold Dave off while hopefully turning Teds flank and rolling him up.
I tried a charge using Cavaliers (to counter act charging from the front) but lost a tie and fell back into the swamp Ted had placed using poor survey (have to check that we did this right) 
Ted's own Cavalry was working around my Flank so the 5th Texas move to meet them.
The Hampton Legion Dismounts but gets shot to pieces, Ted confirmed all 5 hits!
Still things are looking reasonably good against Ted until he uses a card (I forget the specific name) to give his men extra movement and hits me all along the line. I used the Fresh Fish card giving him a -1 on his combat dice but the 3rd Arkansas (center) is in for rough handling. 
The Drive off the Yankee unit on the left but the one on the right scores a number of hits and I am driven back. Yankee Cavalry charging on foot is seen off with ease by the 5th Texas.
I do some retrograde movements to stabilize my position both her and on the left as Dave has started to get to grips with the 1st and 4th Texas on that side.
His two regiment charge hits the 1st Texas.  Once again I win against the unit on the left but loose to the unit on right and I am driven back through the 4th Texas.
What a mess!
The 18th Alabama makes one final charge to try and turn Teds flank and wins getting 5 hits Ted uses his cards to limit casualties. Ted sends his men right back in on his turn I throw them back.  But I have miss calculated I have run out of cards to draw leaving me with 3 in my hand.
Its my turn I resuffle but cannot draw until after my turn and  before I can do any thing Dave uses the "they couldn't hit an elephant" I roll a 6 leaving me with NO CARDS. I cannot shoot and must pass.   On their turn Ted charges destroying the 3rd Arkansas but is unable to break the 5th Texas but things look grim and Dave who has move slow but steady all game has overwhelming  force closing in on my men.
Dave's charge brings three units to bear on the 4th Texas and utterly destroys them.  At this point I with the shop's closing time approaching I concede the battle. 

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