Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Surounded 5 Ways

 Some times in war gaming you have night were there is a plan and it Seems reasonable but it just doesn't work. That was us last night, The plan had been for four of us to play a doubles game each with 1000 points. But we had a third Allied player Show so we tried to cram him in, 3 allies each of 1000 points and two Germans each with 1500.
 On top of that we got Surrounded for the mission so 3000 points of allies had to start off in a little box in the center. So between re-working lists and a complicated and tight set up we got started late. 

 The Allied position was formidable Ted's 7th Armored, Tim's US Paratroops and Rodney's 3rd Canadian Division   Rob and I tried to advance but the city fighting lead to lots of killed tanks on both sides but little progress made we called it a draw at 9:30 and agreed we should split into two games next time this happens.


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