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Friday, August 28, 2015

Wascally Wabbits and an Otter.

More Anthropomorphic animal adventures from Darksword Critter Kingdom kickstarter
 Here they are five Wabbits err... Rabbits two spell casters and three warrior types ready to give Mr. Mcgregor a run for his money with an Otter Cleric to help out.
 With this fellow I was sort of going for an easter bunny look but then I saw the scull at his throat and we went with it any way.
 Maybe I should have given him a white cotton tail but... I went for a single fur color.
 The Rabbit Wizard or maybe hes a high official with a staff of office. The Staff has two surpants around a globe and interesting emblem for a rabbit
 I am really pleased with the detail on the book and the leather wrap on the staff.
 the cloak also really cam out well too and the skull cap is an interesting detail
 Our first rabbit warrior with some odd heraldry but hey we put animals we eat on shields so why shouldn't her put a carrot on his shield
 Hard to get a good shot at his face but I like this pose because its a very realistic fighting stance
 Great details on the helmet and leather armor and earrings!
 Our very Christian knight rabbit, the cross is interesting as a choice but hey its also pretty normal on shields
 Ready to hammer the opposition in his Chainmail covered by studded leather armor.
I like the one up one down ears.
Now we have our ranger rabbit ready to scout out the tenderest vegetables.
The cloak is glued on and came off once during painting hopefully that won't happen again.
Last off all we have the otter cleric, I am not sure how a fish loving otter teams up with a bunch of veggie hunting rabbits but his mace and fishbone holly symbol are ready to help the cause
Looks like he gasing up to heaven and smiling to his diety.
I really like the armor  and details on his leather work and the second holly symbol hanging from his neck. I don't usually do white robes but they just seemed to fit this guy. These guys are ready to explore Frostgrave

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