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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Throwback Thursday Miniatures: The Highland Army

This was a project from the early days of the blog before I started posting my painting.
Its a highland army painted for the Sport of Kings campaign (from Age of Reason) using Volley and Bayonet Road to Glory rules.  They have since been re-based in the great rebasing project of 2013-14.  As you can see I am daft enough to paint plaid in 15mm. 
These are all old glory 15s from the Highland pack with a few British AWI highlanders and some seven years war British regulars mixed in. There are few more regiments but this give you the flavor of the army. 
Stewart of Appine Regiment
Fraser of Lovet's Regiment
Glenbucket's Regiment
Atholl Regiment 
Camerons of Lochiel Regiment
Clan Grant. 

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