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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Chain of Command : German Attack at Hobby Bunker

This was my second game of Chain of Command John was advising me as Mike played my American opponent defending a village somewhere in Normandy
 The two farms with the fence in the distance is my objective.
 My main attack is to the left using the church as cover.. and a nice mortar barrage
 I have a unit of Panzer Grenadiers is covering the US troops in the house.
 After several turn the US troops show up in the back...
 They are behind the church but I was able to shift the barrage on to them... but didn't get much damage.
 Troops in the house are keeping my Panzergrenadiers pinned down..
 But the Barrage is doing the same to US rifle men...
 But more arrive and open fire on my troops
 The Barrage sifts but can't get them all.. and I am getting hit by more and more fire.
At this stage I lost my barrage and we had something of a Mexican stand off by the Church.  At this point we had a long game and I decided it was a good place to call it. I will have to see if I can pick up these rules on sale.  It was enjoyable and will be more so when I get used to it.  I've heard some people say its more historical than Flames of War but I don't think that is so.  The patrol phase is the most interesting part of the game from a mechanical standpoint.

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