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Friday, August 28, 2015

Frostgave without wizards and Primitive fire arms

OK so Frostgrave has a great mechanic but some people just aren't interested in playing a wizard and we need to think adapting this game to a non-magical situation.

Non-Magical leader

So every Wizard starts with the same stats:
 Move 6; Fight +2; Shooting +0; Armor 10; Will +4; Health 14.  Fight Shooting and Will are die roll modifiers.  In addition to these stats each new wizard get 8 spells to pick from.

So my thought for a non-magical expedition leaders would be to give the player 6 points to add to the above stat lines. I am giving the player only 6 points because there are six stats so you could add one to each and call it a day but you wouldn't be much better at anything than a typical wizard.    I haven't tried this out of course but I think it makes sense to limit them not spending more than 3 points on any one sat, this number just feels right to me. This means you could dump a lot of point on one stat and make it very good or you can spread it out and be a jack of all trades.   Add three points to you fight and three to your Armor and you are hash melee combatant for example.   Want to play a classic D&D ranger +1 to your move; +3 shooting, +1 fight and +1 Armor you'll be good a ranged fighting and able to take care of your self close in.

The sidekick (apprentice) would be generated in a manner similar to  the book by taking the leader score and subtracting 2 from fight, shooting, will and health. (A wizard's apprentice actually has 10 for health so I am making the side kick a little more robust as a compensation for not having magic)

I think the next issues that needs to be looked at is Firearms.  I think simple fire arms like a Flintlock or Matchlock musket can operate using the rules for Crossbows.   More modern fire arms like revolvers and repeating rifles make for a more complex situation and I would need to think on this more before offering any suggestions.

For now I plan on playing with wizards but if you want to try something else this might give you a starting point.

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