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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Three Thugs and a Thief

When Frostgrave came out I quickly realized I need some new guys for the lower level spellfoder err.. soldiers. While I had guy that could work for both they are really too well equipped for the description in the book so to the painting table I went.
First up this Halfling thief from reaper the colorfully titled  Hellakin Goregutter to be precise this is the Bones version of the figure.
The cloak and hair may need a little additional dry brushing as I look at them again.
Two thugs Odo and Bodo (inside joke from some history classes I took in college) the are from War Games Factory's viking bondi set which i highly recommend (but stay away from the Thengs set)
I worried less about historically appropriate colors but I didn't want to get too silly.  The green might be a bit of a stretch but not much so these will fit in a historical army.  These two might also serve as Dux skirmishers.
The final Thug is clearly a bit of dandy with his long blond locks, his stylish blue tunic with red trim and his sword.  Swords are prestige weapons be cause unlike axes you can't work with them and unlike spears you can't hunt with them so he's clearly a higher class of thug, though he is also showing a bit more dirt than his fellows.
His lack of a missile weapon makes him inappropriate as a Dux skirmisher but no matter. This bold gent needs a name but I don't have a clever one, any suggestions?

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