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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Breakthrough (1) The German Attack

Once again I was paired up with Chris he was running US 9th Armor out of Bridge at Remagen I was running Panzer Lehr out of Devils Charge. The mission was break through and I had my Panzer grenadiers on the board.  My Panzer IVs are making their spear had move and the Rcon ar moving up the right
Panthers advanced in the center and one boged.
My bombardment gets one bail that is all I got with my first turn shooting...
Then the recovery vehicle got bogged on the stormtroop move.
The US move up for shots..,.
The got two bailed Panthres...
US air gets one cannon.
on my second turn I got one more US tank.
And my panzer IVs get the objective and bail out the US Comander
My recon Pumas go down but...
The US can't get in range to contest the objective.  Chris sort of forgot the mission on this one.  We agree that with time available we would switch the set up so Chris could use his list to attack.  I will publish that one latter tonight or more likely tomorrow.

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