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Monday, August 10, 2015

New Terrain for Frostgrave

So since the Relentless dragon has only about enough terrain for one board I have started looking for terrain to bring to the club so we can make it go further.  I have a lot o wilderness terrain and I can make a decent size European village in 15mm but 25mm ruines.. I don't have anything like that.  So started doing some searching an in occured to me that a pet store would be a good place to start so I visited the shop down the street (a Petsmart if you care to know).
 I was not disappointed, the center piece for a terrarium for your lizard or such to sun it self on It makes a passable foundation or maybe its an old stage.
 The columns are for a fish tank I think I need more of these as you would normally see columns in rows.  They aren't exactly in scale but they will work for Frotgrave and host of other games.
The best piece I picked up, a display of Terracotta warriors  its conically Chinese but Frograve is a city of magic so it might have influences from many cultures.  In the last game we made it a guardian of sorts, fixed in place but with 1d6 of the statues able to attack up to 3 inches away if there was a target in range.
The back is textured to look like rock as an added bonus.  All and all these pieces set me back less than $12.00 US.  A good deal for four useful terrain pieces.

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