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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Treasure markers for Frostgrave

The focus of Frostgrave is getting treasure so I needed to make some treasure markers for the game.
  Four of the I built my self and others are from bones.
 The Marker on the left has half of the Jars from the bones Jars kit (I cut the base in half, if you do it carefully it should work) The Marker on the right is the bags of treasure that came in the same kit.  I constructed the bases using aquarium gravel and some odds and ends (both bases have discarded helmet on them, tough it shows up poorly in the pictures).  They were primed in white and then painted gray.  Then the bones pieces were placed in the hollow among the rocks.  Snow flock is the final thematic addition.
 The marker on the left was made as the two above where with the addition of a bow and arrows (and the helmet stands out better).  The one on the right is a complete kit bash the shield is left over from my pack of Artisan Figures and the horn and broken sword are from Wargames factory.
 The candelabras, and treasure chest surrounded by gold and other items are sold a package by Reaper in the Bones collection.
Finally the book shelf probably not what many people think of when then think treasure but for a game about wizards seeking after magical knowledge I think it fits.  These were already used in my 2nd game of Frostgrave 

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