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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Irish Guards Surrounded by the Panzer Lehr

Ariana working all weekend means lots of gaming for me. I was able to make it to the the Whiz today for the first time since early July. We had low turn out Rob, Chris and myself 
 Rob gracefully let me and Chris get in a game.  Chris opted to run Irish Guards out of Market Garden, its actually his sons list but his son doesn't get to play much so he wanted to give it a try and possibly tweak it a bit.  We rolled the Surrounded mission and since I had an always attack list Chris set up in the middle. I was running a new variant on the Panzer list (from Panzers to the Muse/Devils charge digital) t I had played before this time using Panzer Lehr to see if Artillery might be more useful than AA.  I started with my artillery and Panthers on one side of the table,
 My Gepazerte Aufklarung platoon, Panzerspah platoon (my new Puma's first dance) and my Panzer IVjs on the other side of the table. Every one on this side had ether a spearhead or recon move putting them in very good position.
 I moved my men up to the the grove on near the church to protect the flank of the armor.
 My Panzer IVs are be behind the British tanks and Anti-tank guns
 Oh course the Panthers are an even bigger concern for the Irishmen as two tanks brew up.
 One of my Pumas bails out an M10c  while the other lifts gone to ground on the AT guns. I kill the command team of the AT Guns but the others are fine.
 The Irish move up... its going to be a close range gun fight...
 While the HQ tanks move in to take on my artillery...
 Both my Pumas are bailed out... and will stay bailed out for most of the game... Chris also took out a Panzer IV and bailed another Panzer
 I move in to the town getting in behind the M10s and moving to intercept the British HQ and my HQ takes out his HQ.
 The close rang fire fight continues..
 and the artillery speaks as well... two Brit tanks and one M10 go down...
 I alos managed to get my men into the church... so I am a threat to the remaining tanks.
 Chirs bombards me but doens't get any kill stil they are pinned down..
 My panzers take hits and are the survivers flee.
Chris brings his men forward (Rob and I both advised him to) and I get 8 hits when I make my defensive fire... I felt sort of bad about giving him that advice... He killed one of my stands with fire but I got one of his in turn.
 He also gets a hit with his Aircraft but its only a bail.
 I manage to miss with all my shots on both the lone tank and AT gun. We did an a assault by my infantry on Chris's infantry because Chris wanted to practice the Assault rules... it end in mutual destruction for both infantry units as often happens.
 Chris got on of his aircraft to hit my guns and took one out.
My Recon finally come back (only one of them) and got the lone remaining tank then my Panthers took out the At gun ending the game. I really liked the way this list played... Spearhead/recon with three units really got me on top of Chris's army form the start but if he had had a little more luck I could have been in trouble.

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